The first Teardrop goes on Travel 

28.07 - 30.07.2017



See one of the first so far the only torpedo in Europe


Our first teardrop goes on a journey and his goal will be Wettenberg. This will be his first public appearance and, after his completion, he will have to be thoroughly tested.

In the 1930s the first torpedo was built by Wally Byam (Airstream) as one of the first American caravans.

Shortly afterwards, Byam published plans for his caravan about a magazine for $ 5 the piece for a DO-IT-YOURSELF version of his caravan.

Today there are still about 5 of them, most of them are in museums.

Now 82 years later, the Torpedo is celebrating its comeback, We from Metal & Arts and are looking forward to the Torpedo from August 2017 firmly in our assortment and make it available for purchase

We will not exhibit our Torpedo in Wettenberg, but it will be in very close surroundings,

You will find the Teardrop: Rodheimer Straße / K119

Golden Oldies Wettenberg

27.06.2017 Bar Counter Airstream by Metal & Arts


A unique bar from Metal & Arts


It is inspired by the design of an Airstream caravan and is an absolute eye-catcher in every use situation.


The functional lighting completely completes the authentic look.


More information about the counter can be found at:



01.06.2017       The production of our prototype of the Teardrop torpedo has begun.


After years of research and planning, we are pleased to announce the


Construction of our first prototype of the 1935 Teardrop Torpedo according to the plans of Wally Byam.


You can track the development from the very beginning in our blog.


 To the blog


 Further information about the sale, equipment and prices will follow soon.